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From a women's prospective:
We are a kiwi owned, family orientated company :)

That man standing proudly in front of his tool boxes is Geoffrey. He is my husband, and is a car mechanic you can trust. He could do a Cambelt replacement with his eyes closed.
He developed a comprehensive car service list that will take care of your pride and joy. Or if you just need a car to get you from a to b, I'm sure Geoffrey, your north shore mechanic, will point you in the right car service direction.

Our 4yo boy really likes coming to work. "I'm Dyno tuning" is his favourite new life faze. First thing he does when at work is raid the snack machine then he asks for a chocolate drink out of a coffee machine. He is more than happy to help with car service. Especially lying down on a creeper to have a look under a car. Us two mum and dad love our children and want to make them happy and content. So we have a play room in our MCR  workshop.

We have extra large Volvo as a courtesy car to accommodate a pram or a bike, or dogs in the back. 

Also available is a 24/7 tow service. We pick up work phone calls at home, for all our stranded customers standing next to a broken down car, unsure of what to do.

Whenever available, we will offer a little gift with our service to say thanks for being our customer,
unless our children found the hiding place.

We reinvested all our profits into the business for the first 7 years and now we have excellent amount of tools to diagnose and fix any fault. When all else fails, neighboring mechanic shops send their cars to us. If you where to have a look at our
Facebook page, you could see what Geoffrey works with, on daily bases.
We are a favourite workshop place for retired mechanics as they can trust their car is still being looked after, even if they don't service it, personally.
I used to get frustrated with lack of places to breastfeed when out and about so, almost finished, is a mechanic shop first, mum and baby room! When all the electricians and plumbers are finished there will be very comfy breastfeeding chair, nappy change for your new bundle of joy.

The inspiration for MCR Automotive came at the time when Geoffrey was managing a workshop in Newmarket for few years. He wanted his own workshop as he could see that some things can be done better. Geoffrey and Dante made a commitment to each other to open an honest, customer focused, well equipped workshop with integrity. So in April 2006 we leased our first premises at Sunnybrae Rd. Since then the workshop has been better and better equipped and in Feb 2013 we moved to 37 View Road, Wairau Valley.

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Dante is qualified graphic design artist.  - I came from Croatia in early 90's to become a kiwi. I love NZ and life here. I feel like we are living a dream with everything available to us as long as we are prepared to work for it. I met Geoffrey in 2004 and never looked back! Geoffrey and I have two lovely boys that keep us very busy when not at work. We made part of our workshop comfy for kids so we can help dad out when it get's busy in the workshop. I have passion for design on paper and 3D. My other hobbies include Shih Tzu breading and gardening.

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Geoffrey - I started my apprenticeship in 1988 with a strong interest in performance. 
This has led me to have a wide interest in a variety of car makes and models 
Through this time I've worked on E-type jags to triumph stags Datsun bluebirds (1960) to Nissan GTR's, Chev Corvettes to a 502 cubic inch Cadillac (this was front wheel drive). 
early on i found out first hand how useful a dyno can be in the process of extracting more power and economy. 
With later model fuel injected cars coming in from japan i found that my interest were turning more and more to turbo charged vehicles 
With the introduction of wide band O2 meters and computerised control systems for Dyno's my path was set even if i didn't know it yet. 
After working, being told stand over there and watch, it was time to buy my own dyno, the first was old with poor control but worked well, the second was also old but was slightly better.Lots of tuning was done but it took allot longer than i would have liked. 
The holy grail was a four wheel dyno, one was found!

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