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4 Wheel drive dyno

We are a Link dealer and fully support there product

We are also a Wolf dealer (I got them on board as they have allot of plugin ECU's)

Currently we remap Nissan ECU’s Using Nistune boards
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Custom re-tuning of factory Nissan ECUs . In stark contrast to someone sitting at their desk burning a ‘best-guess’ EPROM chip, we tune these systems just like the aftermarket ECU – in real time on the dyno. This practice produces a tune specifically tailored to your car and its exact modifications. The results are incomparible to the off-the-shelf mail-order tunes which we have seen cause grief time and time again. Our race car is running a remapped ECU, best 1/4 mile is 11.66 Check our video page to see the run, this was a few years ago now, now it's using a Link plugin G4+

We have the Microtech laptop adapter for quicker tuning, Yes there old and I would like to sell you a new ECU but sometimes it's use what you have

Link ECU tuning, The hand controller is so out dated that it got binned but I do use the Link serial connector for tuning older links via laptop
link ecu

Apexi power FC tuning The old hand controller was only a bit better than the Link hand controller, We use Datalogit for laptop tuning


Apexi power FC hand controller found the bin one day along time ago

Fords/Holden and American cars are covered by HP Tuners software/hardware

We can also custom retune Subaru's Mitsubishi's Mazda's

Megasquirt, If there setup and running we will tune them. We will not fix wiring or add things to Megasquirt.
O2 input is required


We enjoy doing Dyno days for clubs, please call to arrange.
Below is one example form some time ago now

IMG 0404 IMG 0480 IMG 0484 IMG 0512 IMG 0192 
IMG 0394 IMG 0579 IMG 1067 IMG 1113 IMG 1162

Link below to PDF needs to be filled out before i can start tuning your car
Dyno Services

We held a Dyno day for the NZ Honda’s club, here are the results

1. Wuliangzi – CL1 Euro R – 124kw
2. STina – Honda Civic EG ZC – 70kw
3. Remix – Integra Type-R – 120kw
4. Weber Civic – Honda Accord SIR – 121kw
5. Vikas – Nissan skyline R33 GTST – 171kw
6. James Muir – Toyota MR2 157 kw (running super rich)
7. H22A Lude – BB1 prelude 127kw
8. Horny_Devil – Honda Civic EG B18CR 128kw (running super lean due to the new exhaust)
9. DA2SKUNK – Honda Civic EG H22A – 134kw
10. Rawr – Nissan Silvia – 191kw
11. eurorcl1 – Accord Euro R – 121kw
12. jib – S15 Silvia – 178kw
13. Andrew – DC2 Integra – 113kw
14. Aaron – EJ1 Civic Coupe D16 vtec Turbo – 137kw (also running super lean)
15 Jordon – KE30 Corolla 4AGE – 73kw
16. Theprodigalson – EK4 Civic – 102kw
17. Dion – FD3S Rx7 – 298kw (has a blown turbo, only running 15psi T88-34d)

I’d just like to thank the club for a great day


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