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Nissan SILVIA S15

This customer came in with the idea of using an outdated computer.
Thankfully he followed my advise and we fitted a Link G4.
He also supplied an injector upgrade.
After wiring in the Air temp sensor and boost control solenoid.
Tuning was straight forward,We setup two boost settings, high and low.
After returning the car to the customer he noticed the engine warning light would come on.
This was due to, the poor cooling fan, after market fans were fitted and wired in(By someone else).
Remote manual fan switch is unreliable I.E. temp change from 92 degrees to 100 degrees will not move the dash gauge much but the Link ECU will bring the engine light on.
So we rewired and setup the link to control the fans
The customer was so happy with the result,
He bought some Chocolates and two bottle of wine
He also Gave a digital camera to my son, Angus enjoys having his own camera.

Thanks Cole

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