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Coolant changes, using Wynn’s coolant

Most of the failures come from poorly equipped work shops that do not recommend or carry out proper servicing. Damage caused from lack of testing and replacing of coolant can cost thousands of dollars.
Maybe it’s no surprise that people are neglecting antifreeze/coolant change when money is a little tight. The result is that cooling system failure is the #1 cause of engine-related breakdowns.
At every service we test your coolant
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Why Change Antifreeze/Coolant?
Antifreeze/coolant experts have a warning for those neglecting their cooling systems. “Most people have some idea that antifreeze/coolant helps prevent the radiator and cooling system from freezing up or boiling over. Few people understand that coolant also contains special chemical additives to prevent serious damage from rust and corrosion. However, over time, the additives wear out. This depleted coolant becomes acidic and can actually corrode the metals in the cooling system. And here’s where your trouble often starts.”
Change your coolant to avoid trouble like:
  • Overheating – Old, depleted coolant can’t do its job of helping your engine shed heat — and heat is enemy #1. That’s why you have a cooling system in the first place.
  • Corrosion – More cooling system parts are now made with aluminum. In fact, the tubes in your radiator are only the thickness of a coke can. Since aluminum is very vulnerable to corrosion, old, depleted coolant can allow pin holes to form in the tubes and lead to leakage an overheating. Even eating away at your engine head.
  • Clogging – When aluminum corrodes, the by-products of corrosion deposit in the radiator. The deposits clog the radiator and actually act like insulators so the system can’t cool as well. As the cooling system gets hotter, even more deposits form. Finally, the whole engine overheats.
  • Leaks – As heat builds in a neglected cooling system, the coolant starts to boil more vigorously and can course holes in your radiator and promote seal failure in your water pump and/or head gasket. The result is loss of coolant and ultimately vehicle breakdown.
  • Regularly we have found a combination costing hundreds even thousands of dollars, resulting from a neglected cheap maintenance issue
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Neglect is Expensive. Maintenance is easy.
Repairs for water pumps, radiators, thermostats and other cooling system parts can be costly. The inconvenience of a breakdown is even worse. The change is easy….It’s easy to change, at time of servicing: we test and report.


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